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Rated 4.5/5 (1,786)

"this book has it all: techie sci-fi, political thrills, eerie alien technology, shoot-em-up action, and one of the most interesting Premises in the genre." - Silas S. (Reader)

Isaac Gallant. Soldier. Rebel. Only child of the tyrant who rules the Confederacy of Humanity.

When the revolution fails, the dictator of human space flings four million dissidents and rebels, including Issac, through a one-way wormhole. Alone on the other side of the galaxy, the fledgeling society of idealists, militants and criminals will rebuild civilization—or die if they fail.

Isaac needs to keep these people from killing each other. As they all seek to build a home on a new, perfectly-suited planet, he must struggle against recreating the same dictatorship he fought against.

But the free humans' new homeworld was too perfect for a reason—and its original owners want it back.

What Readers Are Saying:

all the things that I most enjoy in a Glynn Stewart novel: action, space battles, and heroes that strive to live up to the very best of humanity. Honor is real in the Stewart universe and his protagonists are willing to pay the price for it.

Maureen P. (Reader)

Tense, dramatic, and plenty of action, with realistic, believable characters. An original story, as well....Thoroughly enjoyed this and its sequel, Refuge. Looking forward to more stories in this universe!

Amazon Customer

A Star-Wars[-Like] universe in which the rebellion fails before it gets started....A detailed and very intelligent exploration of the realities of society.

DAVID DRAKE, Military Science Fiction Author (Hammer's Slammers, Republic of Cinnibar Navy)

A Message from the author

Dear Reader,

I wrote Exile when I was a few years into my career as a published author. I'd been writing full-time for two years after quitting my job as a financial analyst, and my partner and I had just hired on our first staff member to help with publishing the books. By this point, I wanted to write something new and different (as writers have a tendency to want to do.) 

My best known work is Starship's Mage. That series is a good example of how I work—the world is built around the idea that light-speed travel could never be cracked by conventional means. Instead, quite literally, a wizard did it! But only a few people are born with the power to jump starships and control magic. Even if the mages have the best of intentions, who ends up with the money and power? Where do the fault lines form—and where could a single spark lead to all-out war?

When I wrote Exile, I started with a less optimistic premise than usual. A rebellion faces off against an interstellar dictatorship that rules all of humanity. The rebellion loses. Faced with ensuring the survival of four million people flung across the galaxy on a one-way trip, the rebellion's committment to democracy will be tested. And the planet that the rebels need to settle on in order to survive? It might already be spoken for.

As an author, I'm incredibly grateful for all the readers throughout the years that have allowed me to continue to do the work that I do. Today, I've written more than 60 books. Together with my team, I've sold over 2 million copies, run a successful Kickstarter, launched 8-12 of my own titles each year, and have had dozens of audiobooks published by Podium Audio and Tantor Media. Exile is one of the books I'm most proud of.

I think you'll love this book, and I'd like to give you the first book in the trilogy for free as an instantly-downloadable ebook. Just follow the instructions below and I'll send the book to your email address.

Happy Reading,

Glynn Stewart

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Praise for Glynn Stewart's Work

"Thoroughly engaging space opera... fun while keeping the tension level high. I'm ready for the next."

Cat Rambo, author of Nebula award finalist story "Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain"
Review for Starship's Mage
"Glynn spins out a yarn where things are seldom what they seem and where the story changes dramatically with each new reveal."
Nathan Lowell, author of The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper universe
Review for Castle Federation

"Action, character, heart, and mystery woven masterfully together"

Jason M Hough, author of The Dire Earth Cycle trilogy
Review for Starship's Mage

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